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  • Senhora dos Verdes Park

paddocKmistoLocated in the 2000 hectares large Monte Aljão, the Senhora dos Verdes (Our Lady of the Green) Park is property of A.B.P.G. – Associação de Beneficiência Popular de Gouveia, Private Social Solidarity Institution – since 1880 and belongs to the parish of Cativelos, in the Municipality of Gouveia.

The park boasts 22 fenced hectares which are fully equipped with infrastructures, and over 120 hectares of natural grounds, wooded with pine trees and other typical tree and bush species of the region. These wooded grounds also contain a few kilometres of hiking trails, where various activities and sports can take place.

The Nossa Senhora dos Verdes – Aljão Park has always hosted annual pilgrimages in June, when the religious festivities in celebration of Our Lady of the Green occur. These pilgrimages are characterized by the echoes of chants to Our Lady of the Green, baskets carried by the pilgrims which are filled with dishes watered with the God Bacchus, and music played by the Philharmonic bands.